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About US

The Business Shower School is a virtual academy that teaches new and aspiring female entrepreneurs/business owners how to plan and host their own business showers. Our mission is to provide young women with the knowledge and tools that they need to start and fund their own businesses. 


Our vision is that all new female entrepreneurs will have the resources they need to successfully grow and maintain their start-ups. We offer a course on how to host a business shower on a budget, and we also offer a virtual business brainstorm kit to help women discover a business idea that’s compatible with their personality. 


What is a Business Shower?

A business shower is a celebration for the birth of a new business. Guests come together to congratulate the owner or entrepreneur by bringing them gifts for their startup. The concept started trending on social media in 2019 as a quote that said, " Like baby showers, let's host business showers. When a friend starts a business, we come together, congratulate them, and bring resources for their business". 

Many people have successfully hosted their own business showers and received supplies or money as a contribution. One of our main goals is to normalize having this kind of celebration for women, like we have bridal and baby showers, because starting a business is also an amazing milestone to reach!

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Learn How to Host a Business Shower!

Looking for ways to fund your business without having to apply for a loan or grant? Host a business shower for yourself! This is a great way to receive funding and other resources for a start-up. Our course, How to Host a Business Shower on a Budget (In 10 Easy Steps), shows you how to plan and host your own business shower successfully.  The course comes with a virtual toolkit that you can use like a checklist, expense tracker, guest list template, to-do list, business shower games, and much more! 

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