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Hello, Friends!

My name is Angelique Hill, owner of The Business Shower School. I am also a self-published author, Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE-P), and the Owner & CEO of Rising Adults Academy, an online learning center that provides life skills education for emerging adults. I am a wife and mother of four kids (ages 2-14), who loves singing, reading, writing, and going to concerts. 

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My Story

I successfully hosted my own business shower in July of 2021, for under $500. The costs included the price of the venue, food, party supplies, decorations, and marketing materials. My friends and family supported me by buying supplies and giving me cash, which was really helpful. With the cash contributions, I was able to pay for subscriptions that I use regularly for my business and even purchase a bulk order of business cards. Seeing that my event was a success, I was inspired to show other women how to host their own business showers, so I established The Business Shower School. I knew that if I could do it without having a large number of supporters, lots of money, and little experience in event planning, then so could others. Using the same 10 steps that I took in planning my own shower, I created the course, "How to Host a Business Shower on a Budget( In 10 Easy Steps)", which includes a short course video and additional resources to help with planning and hosting this type of event.

Women should not only be congratulated for getting married and having babies--they should be celebrated for reaching another important milestone, and that is starting a business. It takes a lot of resources such as time, money, and energy to grow and maintain a business, so to have friends and family contribute by giving supplies or money towards a new business can help set their loved one up for success as an entrepreneur. It's time to normalize having business showers. More women need to know how they can get free resources for their businesses. I will certainly do my part to spread the word, but I need your help too. If you've had a successful business shower and would like to share your experiences, please send us your story to support@thebusinessshowershcool.com and we will feature it on our social media pages! Thank you in advance, and have a fantastic day!